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Three Sisters

Ashton and Bryn

All about the Ashton and Bryn Storytellers.


Hear the past come to life in Ashton and Bryn


The history of Ashton and Bryn has been given the 21st century treatment by a group of local people.

A grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund has meant that the people who really know the about history and culture of the area have been able to record their stories professionally and make them available to everyone – for free.

You'll be able to hear the stories on audio players at the local library and they're also being given to schools.

There's even a plan to post QR codes in historic parts of the town so you can learn about the background of the place you're in while you're actually there.

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Ashton and Bryn Storytellers



Lynn Hankey of Wigan Council said,

“Everybody's taken something from the project that they didn't previously know, from a snippet of information about the street in which they live to a historical revelation that they didn't know about a local building they pass every day.”

She added, “To date the project has been a resounding success.”



Ken Barston, Secretary of Stubshaw Cross Residents Group, and a strong supporter of the project said,

"Local people rarely get an opportunity to take a look back in time at what life was like all those years ago in our town. We are confident that the project will appeal to all age groups in our community."

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